To whom it may concern:

Vince Ferranti is one the most professional and honest inspectors I have met.  Vince looked at a job for me that was under claim by a major flooring manufacturer.  When the original inspector went out he took one look at and said nothing was wrong which anybody in the right mind could see was incorrect.  So, I had to hire Vince as a 3rd party inspector to address the situation and he went out within a couple of days from me contacting him to rectify.  Vince took pictures and used shadow boxes for everything, so I had the evidence I needed to turn in to get the flooring replaced for the customer.  I will be using Vince on any flooring claims in the future and have no problem recommending him to anyone.


Justin Fultz

Let Us Floor You, Inc

To Whom it may concern:

I had a VERY PROFESSIONAL wooden floor inspector examine my floor during the month of March 2018, which had significant issues.  My builder denied any liability or fault of the installation as it was past warranty by maybe three months.  I did; through my personal insurance company, contact Vincent Ferranti as recommended.  Vincent’s credentials were SECOND TO NONE.  His inspection was superb and thorough, every possible aspect was covered before any decisions were made.

I was more than satisfied with my choice of the inspection and would definitely recommend him to any person or firm needing his expertise.

This case is currently pending legal review of the FACTS which were dismissed by the builder.

Sincerely yours,

Anthony Skaff


FYI.  They refunded us the entire amount of the insurance claim for the flooring portion.  They are also going to pay for your services as well.  Do you know of any reputable flooring installers for tile?  What would the procedure need to be for tear down of our existing floor and prevent the moisture from wicking up into tile?


Thomas Holmesley

Production Manager


Southwest Specialty Food

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From: Kevin Michael Gray [mailto:kevinmichaelgray@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 8:11 PM
To: Vincent
Subject: Re: Referral

Hey Vincent! I would love to help with a review! You were a huge life savor for us.

Question… what are the possibilities that the foundation issues (played a major contributing factor) to the issues with the flooring? Our insurance will be covering the foundational repairs, so I’m wondering where majority of the blame lies.


Vincent with AZ Floor Inspectors was a life saver for our family! He investigated the reasoning behind over $20,000 worth of new exotic hardwood flooring buckling in our Mesa, AZ home. Vincent identified faulty installation as the main culprit. We submitted his thorough and very professional report to the Registrar of Contractors and now the contractor is replacing the damaged flooring per the ROC’s request. Thank you so much Vincent! I’d recommend him to anyone needing an expert flooring investigator.